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Shani Taub is a certified nutritionist who has helped hundreds of patients take control of their weight and start on a new path of health. Based in Lakewood, NJ, she has counseled patients from Israel, Brazil, Montreal, Toronto, Switzerland Williamsburg, Monsey, Boro Park, Flatbush, Manhattan and Baltimore.

Shani struggled with her weight as a child and understands the various challenges faced by her patients who are trying to get healthy. Every struggle is unique and each patient has different triggers that will push them to reach their goal. Working with each person, Shani creates a personalized eating plan that fits with their taste and lifestyle.

In addition to her renowned weight loss counseling, Shani Taub has also launched a successful line of health food items available in Lakewood and Monsey, with plans for expansion. Included in the line are a full range of foods at Lakewood shops such as Fish on River, Out to Lunch, Jerusalem 2 Pizza, Sprinkles, Glatt Gourmet, and Shlomies Kosher World. In Monsey, Evergreen Kosher Market offers a selection of Shani Taub endorsed food items.